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  • ISO Tanks

    ISO Tanks

    AstraASL offers high-quality liquid logistics services for both domestic and international destinations. We deal with in-house ISO tank services, domestic carriage of ISP tanks, food-grade ISO tanks, gas tank leasing, chemical storage and distribution, shipping ISO tanks, and much more.

  • Movement (Special Equipment, Breakbulk, Ro-Ro)

    Movement (Special Equipment,  Breakbulk, Ro-Ro)

    We offer customized solutions for over-dimensional, bulk, and heavy cargo. The service is ideal for large machinery. We book special vessels for Breakbulk cargo in a complex environment that cannot be accommodated in standard containers. We deliver on the doorstep or ports across the world.

  • Pick/Pack & Order Fulfillment

    Pick/Pack & Order Fulfillment

    Are you an eCommerce company looking for small order fulfillment? Then it is time to check out our Pick & Pack warehousing solutions. We locate and retrieve proper quantities from the assigned warehouse area and send them for packing and delivery. We believe in ultimate customer satisfaction at all times.

  • Domestic Distribution

    Domestic Distribution

    Want a make-shift storage for your goods? Check out our distribution centers. We can manage the flow velocity of your orders with greater precision and speed. Our customer-centric distribution center acts as a bridge between the customer and the supplier. Our distribution centers have the latest technology for order processing, warehouse management, etc.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Our inventory management; forecasts, orders, receive, and allocate stock. We track goods to ensure that you have the optimal levels to refill your customers quickly. You can stay apprised of your stock at all times, helping you prevent loss due to pilferage, thereby keeping the customer happy.

  • Order Management

    Order Management

    AstraASL offers accurate order management, helping you fulfill your global orders. With our order management system, you can reduce the processing time and work out a responsive and efficient distribution. Get your orders delivered on time and in the best condition.

  • Milk Run

    Milk Run

    Milk Run is a lean and agile principle suitable to meet delivery of mixed transport goods. Want to collect goods from multiple sources to be delivered to a single customer? Save on time and money for your multiple pickups under the able guidance of experts maintaining high-quality standards of AstraASL Milk Run services.

  • FTL & LTL

    FTL & LTL

    Define your freight specifications, and we can chart out your logistics operations. We provide truck services to meet your shipment requirements, whether it is bulk or partial load. With Full Truck Load, it is ideal for specialized and quick deliveries. Less than Truck Load is ideal if you have less load requirement and are willing…

  • Rail Freight

    Rail Freight

    Railways is the backbone of the Indian transportation system. Rail freight transport is ideal for customers looking for high carrying capacity, maximum cargo safety, and fast and affordable logistics solutions. Railways connect even the remotest corners of India, hence optimizing delivery routes. AstraASL has flexible plans for your bulk rail freight requirements.

  • Air Freight

    Air Freight

    AstraASL believes in speed and reliability when it comes to delivering to any corner of the country. We have good liaisons with domestic carriers and can pick the cheapest and the quickest route to deliver your goods. Set your supply chain in motion with timely deliveries catering to your shipping emergencies.