Category: International Services

  • ISO Tanks

    ISO Tanks

    AstraASL offers high-quality liquid logistics services for both domestic and international destinations. We deal with in-house ISO tank services, domestic carriage of ISP tanks, food-grade ISO tanks, gas tank leasing, chemical storage and distribution, shipping ISO tanks, and much more.

  • Movement (Special Equipment, Breakbulk, Ro-Ro)

    Movement (Special Equipment,  Breakbulk, Ro-Ro)

    We offer customized solutions for over-dimensional, bulk, and heavy cargo. The service is ideal for large machinery. We book special vessels for Breakbulk cargo in a complex environment that cannot be accommodated in standard containers. We deliver on the doorstep or ports across the world.

  • Custom Clearance

    Custom Clearance

    AstraASL is well-equipped to handle all kinds of customs clearance. We advise our customers on product requirements and non-tariff barriers. Our team handles documentation, examination of shipments, rate of duty, import & export permit, port handling, stuffing & de-stuffing at ports, and delivering to the destination.

  • Consolidation


    Flexibility is crucial to meet your logistics demands. We can cater to both your planned and unplanned freight requirements. Our consolidation solutions help save time and cost while meeting your freight demands. AstraASL offers end-to-end visibility, satisfying compliance requirements and optimizing your supply chain.

  • FCL & LCL

    FCL & LCL

    Define your shipment volume and choose between Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL). The cubic meter is the deciding factor when making a choice between FCL or LCL. FCL is ideal for sensitive shipments requiring higher cargo security, while LCL is a safe choice for low-volume shipments leaving no room for…

  • Air Freight

    Air Freight

    Our air freight services cater to worldwide routes to reach your goods in the least possible time and as-and-where condition. With our flexible plans and 24/7 tracking feature, you can keep track of your goods at all times. We provide regular notifications and handle the bill of entry to post landing service until the consignment…